Playing football is fun, but organising the teams every week isn't exactly the best job!
So we at would like to let you know about, a FREE TO USE web/mobile service that uses sms/texting and e-mail to ease the headaches associated with organising your teams. Teamer saves you time and money and takes away many of the communication problems you encounter. Features include;

•    Free text messaging and/or email to notify your team about upcoming matches/training/social events etc
•    Captures all player responses in a single team page in real time, so you know at a glance who is available or unavailable
•    Notifies replacements automatically if some players are unavailable
•    One click cancellation - if a game is off , you can get a cancellation message to all your team members with one click (can also be done from your mobile if you are pitchside or away from a computer)
•    Co-Organiser capability allows you to spread the load and not have an organisational nightmare if you are on holidays, away on business etc
•    Private secure space provided to enable your team to interact online, chat, talk tactics, share photo's etc

How can we make it completely free? Teamer will be funded by sponsorship/advertising on the site. However, as per our privacy policy, advertising and sponsorship partners have no access to you or your players name or personal contact information stored by Since we launched, more than 250,000 players and 18,000 teams are now getting their event notifications from their team organisers via Teamer. We are sure it will make life a whole lot easier for team managers/organisers in your club. You can view a 2 minute demo of how the site works by clicking on the link Perhaps set up a team and try it out?
For further information, please contact:
Kieran Sharp,
Unit 3, 111 Harbord Road,
Freshwater, NSW 2096, Australia.
Phone: (02) 9905 1425 Mobile: 0414 444 760