Alcohol and Drug Foundation Praises University Azzurri FC

Alcohol and Drug Foundation Praises University Azzurri FC



Alcohol and Drug Foundation Praises University Azzurri FC

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation has congratulated University Azzurri FC on becoming the Northern Territory’s first sports club to develop an illegal drugs policy through the Good Sports Tackling Illegal Drugs program. 

Building on the success of the Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s core Good Sports program, the Tackling Illegal Drugs program provides community sporting clubs with information and expert support to best prepare for potential drug-related issues, including the implementation of an illegal drugs policy.

Having an illegal drugs policy sets clear guidelines on how individual community sporting clubs should respond to an illegal drug issue in a fair and appropriate manner. 

“By developing an illegal drugs policy, University Azzurri FC is better prepared for if or when a drug-related incident occurs,” said the Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s NT Regional Community Development Manager, Madeleine Legge.

“Sporting clubs are a snapshot of society and illegal drug use can impact on any society – meaning no club is immune. But we know that sporting clubs can play a really important role in preventing and minimising drug harms and providing healthy role models,” Ms Legge added. 

As a level three Good Sports Club, University Azzurri FC has also implemented policies around alcohol management, tobacco and safe transport.

“University Azzurri FC is a fantastic role-model in community sport,” said Ms Legge. 

Funded by the Australian Government, Good Sports is working with around 200 clubs across the Northern Territory and more than 8,500 clubs nation-wide.

“Good Sports is helping sporting clubs across the Northern Territory build healthier and more family-friendly environments.  We invite more clubs to join the free program so they too, can benefit,” Ms Legge said. 

“All sporting clubs in the Northern Territory have the opportunity to join Good Sports and participate in the Tackling Illegal Drugs program,” Ms Legge added.

The $4.6 million Tackling Illegal Drugs program has been funded by the Australian Government under the National Ice Action Strategy. For more information about the Tackling Illegal Drugs program, please go to 

For more information about Good Sports, clubs should visit