Celtics are FICA Premiers and Champions

Celtics are FICA Premiers and Champions

Grand Final

Celtic 3 Stormbirds 0

 After a semi-final weekend that saw Celtic pushed by a surprising performance from Vikings and the favorites Verdi defeated by Stormbirds in a classic semifinal 3 -2 at Ross Park the Grand Final showdown had the makings of another match full of surprises.

Celtic, Premiers by a clear margin were clear favourites heading into the encounter against the improving Stormbirds. With the NT’s best young referee Liam Miller in charge and with spectators wondering if Stormbirds could snare an early goal as they did in the first minute against Verdi in the semi- final, the big dance got underway.  Would Yuji Nojima or Gianluca Notaro add to their Stormbird score sheets or would Celtic’s Daniel Robson continue his three goal heroics from the semi-finals

With both teams pressing the game had momentum and entertainment all round and it wasn’t until Stephen Shaw scored his first goal for Celtic for almost 17 games that he sent Celtic into the halftime break with a one goal advantage. The one goal would not be enough as this game was still anyone’s for the taking.

The second half started liked the first with the Stormbirds taking it up to the Premiers but it would be Celtic’s Daniel Robson who would change the game with a goal in the 59th minute. The first of two he would score for the Premiers and send them well on their way to a championship trophy to add to their premiership. Robson’s added a third goal with 4 minutes of regulation time to go and the game was up for the battling and brave Stormbirds. In what was an entertaining game Celtic would hold onto that score and record a 3-0 win and secure the double in 2018. Special mention must be made of Daniel Robson who scored 5 goals in two games and set Celtic thundering on its way to the highly prized double.