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FFA Policies/Resources

9/01/2018National Code of ConductInfo
9/01/2018FFA ConstitutionInfo
9/01/2018National Member Protection PolicyInfo
9/01/2018Anti-Doping PolicyInfo
9/01/2018FFA Spectator Code of ConductInfo
9/01/2018Sports Betting and Match Fixing GuidelinesInfo
9/01/2018Sports Supplements and Medication GuidelinesInfo
9/01/2018Concussion GuidelinesInfo
9/01/2018FFA Overseas Tour ApplicationPDF
9/01/2018National Grievance Resolution RegulationsInfo
9/01/2018Other FFA PoliciesInfo

FFNT and Zones

9/03/20202019 FFNT Audited FinancialsPDF
7/01/2020Public Liability Insurance 2020PDF
7/03/20192018 FFNT Audited FinancialsPDF
29/05/2018Safe Football PosterPDF
7/03/20182017 FFNT Audited FinancialsPDF
9/01/2018Duty Club ManualPDF
7/03/20172016 FFNT Audited FinancialsPDF
6/02/2017FFNT ConstitutionPDF
14/05/2015Match Day InspectionPDF
3/03/2015Over 35s registration guidelinesPDF
11/09/2014FFNT Strategic Key ElementsPDF
11/09/2014FFNT By-LawsPDF

FFNT Competition Rules

12/03/20202020 Competition Rules - Junior and MiniRoos (Darwin)PDF
4/03/20202020 Competition Rules - Senior (Darwin)PDF
2/03/2020FFA Cup Competition RulesPDF
18/09/2019MiniRoos in the Wet 2019/20PDF
11/06/2019Over 35 7-a-side Competition Rules 2019PDF
2/04/20192019 Competitions Rules - Junior (Alice Springs)PDF
2/04/20192019 Competitions Rules - Senior (Alice Springs)PDF

FFNT Policies/Resources

3/03/2019Coaches Code of ConductPDF
29/01/2018Complaints Procedure Football Federation Northern Territory January 2018PDF
22/09/2016Heat PolicyInfo
10/03/2016FFNT - Sanction of Non-Comeptitive MatchInfo
11/09/2014FFNT Permission to Tour ApplicationPDF
11/09/2014FFNT Style GuidePDF


22/02/20182018 Referee Self Registration GuidePDF
4/10/2017FFNT Super 7 Team Nomination Form 2017/18PDF
31/01/2017FFA Self Registration GuidePDF


1/03/2019Child Protection PolicyPDF
5/02/2019Picking Up and Dropping off Children at Darwin Football StadiumPDF
5/02/2019Lightning PolicyPDF
4/02/2019FNT Photography and Video Use GuidelinesPDF
29/01/2019Social Media PolicyPDF
11/09/2014Duty Club ResponsibilitiesPDF
11/09/2014FFNT Code of BehaviourPDF
11/09/2014Anti Harassment PolicyPDF
11/09/2014Goalpost Safety PolicyPDF
11/09/2014Player Suspension PolicyPDF
17/04/2014Fueling and Cooling an AthletePDF
17/04/2014Player Selection PolicyPDF
17/04/2014Smoke Free PolicyPDF
17/04/2014Alcohol PolicyPDF
17/04/2014Referees PolicyPDF
17/04/2014Shin Guard PolicyPDF
17/04/2014Touring Teams PolicyPDF

Policies and Standard Forms

3/02/2020Player Assessment FormPDF
14/05/2018Sporting Accident Claim FormPDF
20/04/2018Incident Report FormInfo