Stefani Trikilis netted the first behind a picturesque Darwin sunset on 7' minutes. A volley from just inside the penalty area cannoned into the back of the net.

Hellenic controlled the first half and pushed numbers forward. They maintained the majority of possession, but wouldn't score for another half hour.

The Olympic defence was organised and nullified the rest of the blue and white's attacking raids.

That was until the 39th minute. Foorwood struck her first from distance after she was allowed time and space by the Olympic defence. The midfielder couldn't have hit it any sweeter. It cannoned past keeper Yolanda Kanyai into the bottom left hand corner, ripping the net with power.

Only six minutes after the break, Forwood individually tore Olympic's defence to shreds. A busting run through the centre of the park saw her in open pastures. She controlled the ball perfectly before netting a calm finish into the bottom right hand corner.

Lauren Douglas was next to pounce for Hellenic. She busted into pace and struck the ball into the top corner, but Kanyai moved quickly in goals and comfortably dealt with the ball.

They made it 4-0 in the 67th minute. A corner from Georgia Halkitis Jnr. was too hard for the Olympic defence to handle and the ball trickled past the line.

Olympic's best opportunity came on the break through striker Marcey Garrawura. The substitute's speed got the better of the Hellenic centre backs.

However, they recovered just in time to snuff out the opportunity.

The last Hellenic goal came from substitute Katerina Kitsos who took possession turned nicely and stuck home from 10 yards.