The Blue and White’s put three goals past their Greek rivals in the first half. Katerina Kitsos got the ball rolling after seven minutes, before Paula Glover doubled their advantage 10 minutes later.

Just before half time, Hellenic took the game away from Olympic by firing in their third. This time it was Lauren Douglas who hit home.

The Red and White’s came back into the game early in the second half as they began to control possession more.

However, it was thwarted by Douglas’ second after she busted through the centre of the park and allowed herself space to shoot past Olympic ‘keeper Michelle Gibson.

Olympic’s best chance came in transition. Madeline Gault slid past the Hellenic centre backs and headed towards goal. She tried to dodge her way around Peta Harman, but the ‘keeper was up to the task and snatched the ball from her feet.

Match Facts

Olympic 0

Hellenic 4 (Douglas 43', Kitsos 7', 68', Glover 17')

Olympic: 1. Michelle Gibson, 4. Pavlina Pastrikos, 5. Madeline Gault, 7. Imogene Briston, 10. Samantha Tate (16. Susan Russell 71'), 11. Shai Tait, 12. Chelsea-Jean Mcervale 14. Ashleigh Schroeder (Pierre-Angelique Kouklakis 46'), 15. Marcey Garrawurra (9. Shekeine De Satge 16'), 17. Yolonda Kanya (6. Jadeen Chilsom 33'), 20. Leah Gregory-Bader

Hellenic: 1. Peta Harman 4. Jazzmin Forwwod (11. Georgia Billias 55'), 5. Maria Bilias, 6. Priscilla Morgado, 7. Stefani Trikilis ©, 8. Katerine Kitsos (3. Sophia Mauboy 71'), 10. Paula Glover, 13. Elli Makrylos, 14. Kristina Billias (19. Lisa Stenlund 61'), 16. Jade Forwood, 18. Lauren Douglas

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