Squad Announcement for Remembrance Day Testimonial Matches

Squad Announcement for Remembrance Day Testimonial Matches

Come and Celebrate a Game to Remember

Football Northern Territory (FNT) will mark Remembrance Day this year with a special occasion at Darwin Stadium on November 10.

The Australian Defence Force and a NT representative team of the best male and female footballers will take to the field as part of the Remembrance Day activities.

Entry is free and the gates open at 5:30, Everyone is welcome.

The first game will feature the ADF Darwin Women’s  v Northern Desert Roses at 6:30pm, which will be followed by the ADF Darwin Men v Northern Knights at 8:15pm. Make sure you get there early to be part of the Remembrance Day Commemoration featuring Australian Defence Force Band at 6:20pm just before the women’s match.

Football Northern Territory Chief Executive Bruce Stalder is encouraging all sports fans to be part of the special occasion next Tuesday.

“Australian sportsmen and women have volunteered to serve their country throughout all conflicts with many great athletes lost. In happy times sport has been an opportunity to gather and celebrate freedom and we look forward to a special night next Tuesday,” he said.

The ADF in Darwin has a strong relationship with FNT and there are more than 20 members who have played for local teams in the FNT Women’s and Men’s Competition this season.

Tuesday night is an opportunity to thank our service men and women and enjoy some quality Northern Territory Football.

ADF Darwin Women Squad List:

            1.         Monique leddy

            2.         Brooke frazer

            3.         Anita price

            4.         Jordan McCracken

            5.         Chloe Callaghan

            6.         Jess Goyne

            7.         Amber-Lee Higginson

            8.         Ashleigh Kiiver

            9.         Bailey Marshall

            10.       Angela Cox

            11.       Niamh Whittall

            12.       Emily Stone

            13.       Melissa Beasley

            14.       Brigette fletcher

            15.       Fate-Anna Tom

            16.       Emily Kiesey

Northern Desert Roses Squad List:

  1. Alex Fulton
  2. Nadia Lelli
  3. Jacqueline Anyon Smith
  4. Isobel Kilmartin
  5. Elli Makrylos
  6. Mikelina Hourdas
  7. Annabel Kievet
  8. Hannah Garland
  9. Matilda Carter
  10. Carla Khasakhala
  11. Sophia Pablo
  12. Theresia Sigakole
  13. Chloe Coombes
  14. Jemma Martin
  15. Chenoa Al-theyab
  16. Jacintha Misob

ADF Darwin Men’s Squad List:

1.         Lee Addison

            2.         Kaleb Moon-Burgess

            3.         Lachlan Young

            4.         Karl Fuda

            5.         Terry Fannon

            6.         Dylan Nabbe

            7.         Shadi Kantibye

            8.         Aaron Frieser

            9.         Joseph wiafe

            10.       Jose Garcia-Caravante

            11.       James Kaye

            12.       Lachlan Simpson

            13.       Joseph bakaoukas

            14.       John Rynn

            15.       Peter Chung

            16.       Steven Brockway

            17.       Matthew Gibson

            18.       Jay Adams

Northern Knights Squad List

  1. Warren Barry
  2. Simon Bell
  3. Matthew McNab
  4. Gordon Pereira
  5. Jari Macrae-Van Lingen
  6. Mark Casimiro
  7. Joel Powell
  8. Sulav Maskey
  9. Charles Eriku
  10. Robbie Kilmartin
  11. Jordan Stobbart
  12. Oshim Bimali
  13. Mario Kuakkunen
  14. Tavien Ludvigsen
  15. Kelvin Mapendere
  16. Kane McAdam
  17. Ryan McEvoy
  18. Niroj Shrestha