Westfield FFA CUP 2017

Westfield FFA CUP 2017

The Westfield FFA Cup 2017 kicks off in Northern Territory on April 4th 2017. The thrill and excitement of the 'Magic of the Cup' will begin with the clash of two great teams Hellenic Athletic and Uni Azzuri. The knock out competition goes on until 14th June 2017, where the winner of Darwin Meets the Winner of Alice Springs on Sports Minister's Cup on 21st June 2017.

The winner of Sports Minister's Cup will enter into Round of 32 to play with the teams of other states.

The Draw of Darwin was held on Thursday, 23rd March 2017 at CDU Waterfront Campus with the presence of all club's representatives and media.CEO of Football Federation Bruce Stalder in support of Kitty Xia and Kushal Gurung conducted Live draw in front of the audiences.

The outcome of the draw is as follows:

The draw for Alice Springs has been conducted, which is as follows:

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