Why coaches are 'Guardians of Football Culture'

Why coaches are 'Guardians of Football Culture'

Wether it’s a child having aspirations as a national footballer or a tragic that can’t hang up the boots or anything in between, coaching football will always be a selfless act.

Washing dirty strips, check, late arrivals to training, check, ecstasy on scoring the winning goal in injury time, check and the list goes on.  Coaching football is hemmed in between the highs of winning and the reoccurring mundane.

Is anyone keen ?

So who fits the profile of a great football coach ? An ex-professional player, butcher, baker or candlestick maker ?

All of the above with one enduring quality – football passion.

Coaching football will always be driven by passion, especially at grass roots level where coaches are coveted by clubs during preseason.  We know there is plenty of football passion out there in different forms like A-League active supporter groups or banter between friends.

What we need to do as a football community is redirect some of this passion to coaching tomorrow’s footballers.  They could be the next Matilda or Socceroo but they will always be adults of tomorrow who believe in ‘Fair Play’, who are gracious in defeat,  who not only know how to spell ‘RESPECT’ but can apply it, who are aware of their own biases not only in football but in life.

Our football community needs to acknowledge the importance coaches have in our sport by praising and supporting their selfless work but also recognising their infallibility.

Football coaches are ‘guardians of football culture’ whose legacy is being transferred from one generation to the next. Be apart of it and become a football coach.